Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Logan is Funny About Obnoxious Kirk.

Courtesy of Loganotron - I'm so glad that he's being snarky!
Just Jared has an amazing gallery of shirtless Chris Pine pics. Included are two adorable ones. My first fave is of Chris digging for space gold up his Jefferies tube. My second fave is Chris reading the New York Times and sticking his tongue out in a “These words are hard to understand” sort of expression. So cute.


JR said...

There's a reason New!Kirk got into four fistfights and never ripped his shirt.

Since I quite liked Pine's performance, I'm trying to avoid learning anything about him personally, although from what I've heard we can look forward to 40 years of him getting pwned at cons by Zachary Quinto.

Frederick said...

I liked Pine as Young Kirk, but until he gets his Kirk-Fu on he's only a pale shadow. He got beat up too much in the movie.

Poor guy, though, can't even have mine a satisfying nose goblin without the press snapping away.

Wait a minute... he's rich and famous! I should save my pity for myself, who is more deserving of it.

girl6 said...

He still has bedhead and probably hasn't yet brushed his teeth. He letting out a few morning farts while the coffee perks.

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