Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Show #88 - May 24

Episode 88 on MP3

Bill conquers many media:
- Giclee on eBay
- Bill conquers beads (and a link to the exhibit info, with LOTS of pictures)
- K/S in cross stitch
JK was right! Bill works so he won't die
Bill makes the EW list of lawyers
Bill makes most OTT performance list
TV Guide's sexiest men on TV - Bill #8? Impossible!
Good Boston Legal, w/ Shirley's dad (Ep 16 of season four)
Operation Annihilate remastered - and a quiz!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Show #87 - May 10

Episode 87 on MP3

Kingdom of the Spiders Day - May 19th!
JK's Shatner dreams
More Spanking Gangsters!
Return of the Archons remastered - Did the Archon really stop there 100 years ago?
Jeff Scott plays crappy Trek music!
More Trek stuff from Mike Sterling's Progressive Ruin
Vulkan Sex Machine plays Ska Trek

Love the clothes. The bondage doesn't hurt either.

Friday, May 09, 2008

To bid or not to bid...

From TheInsiderOnline

TOM HANKS and wife RITA WILSON are sponsoring a charity auction on eBay Giving Works to benefit Shakespeare Festival L.A. -- and some serious, A-list prizes are up for grabs!

The successful bidder wins the chance to perform with Rita and an all-star cast -- including ANNETTE BENING, WILLIAM SHATNER, "Scrubs"' ZACK BRAFF, TIM ALLEN, CHRISTINA APPLEGATE and DAVID SCHWIMMER -- in a performance of Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew at the festival on May 19.

Other items on the auction block include Tom Hanks' personal recording on the winner's answering machine or voicemail message; and two tickets to the NYC world premiere of Mamma Mia!, plus VIP access to cast after-party at the Boat House.

The auction went live on Thursday and runs through May 14, so head on over to eBay while there's still time to bid!
Oh to be tamed by Bill!