Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Show #53 - Oct 25

Episode 53 on MP3

Big Boston Legal catch-up show!

2 eps: The murder case from Clue, beautiful Bethany, Tom Selleck, Gracie Jane, Alan loves Shirley, and lots of swallowing
2 more eps: Too much law, more Alan and Shirley, live fat boy wrestling, Denny has cheap sex, mysterious massages, androg-o-woman, Jerry Espenson, pumpkins, and Scientology
Email from Francine and a great dream from Greg
We're going to Vegas to see the Star Trek Experience!
And we're going to see Impulse at the Parkway Theatre Nov 9
Finally, a musical treat from Monty Python

Two fat boys wrestling

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Bill shills, part 572

More proof that Bill with do anything. Is this like Photoshopping on steroids, or what?

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Show #52 - Oct 11

Episode 52 on MP3

Big movie review!!

JK new fitness review: The Immunity Syndrome (lots of falling out of chairs and Kirklight)
Justin Timberlake is not the king of sex
We finally get to see and review the Holy Grail of Shatner
Some newsy news from Ron Moore, in the Washington Post, and on Craigslist

When amoebas attack, Kirk gets hard!

Professor Bill.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Show #51 - Oct 1

Episode 51 on MP3

Back with a vengeance!

A 50th anniversary surprise clip from David and Charlie at the Comic Makers Podcast
A little more con wrapping up
And now we have a Flickr account with LOTS of pictures!
And here are more media Bill has conquered:An update on Ryan and Emily's baby
First episode of Boston Legal!
First remastered TOS ep, Balance of Terror