Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Friday, August 24, 2007

Show #73 - Aug 23

Episode 73 on MP3

Liberace and time travel!

Remastered Squire of Gothos live blogging
Q-Squared by Peter David - we need a book report!
Jon Carroll's column about a piece by Ursula LeGuin, Return of the Genre Zombie (a pdf)
We discuss what "science fiction" is, and time travel
And a bit of smut to end the show

Spockabeth and his talking horse

Bill seduces the camera (again)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

1966 Shatner interview

JK and I have this on tape and Bill is SO MUCH MORE GORGEOUS when you can see him clearly. I believe we fangirl'd over this in a show from last year. Bill is one of the few people who could appear in full TV makeup, outside in natural light, and still look SO MUCH MORE GORGEOUS than ordinary people.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Ultimate Bill the Cat!

Here's Bill the Cat (and his lovable sidekick and part-time serial killer Spock) drunk and blowing space bubbles with his phaser. (Don't ask me; JK just sent it to me with that caption.)

Wanna see a Shatner swallow?

Courtesy of ShatnerVision. Watching Bill try to deal with an online chat room is priceless.

New Brad Paisley video - "Online"

Starring BILL! (and Jason Alexander)

Tom Snyder and Trek

Tom Snyder recently passed away. For fans of a certain age, his Tomorrow show was always worth watching, for interviews with rock stars, writers, and TV stars. The hour he spent with DeForest Kelley, James Doohan, Walter Koenig, and Harlan Ellison is classic.

Part 1:





Show #72 - Aug 11

Episode 72 on MP3

Bill (and Boston Legal) nominated for Emmys!
M2 magazine (see the cover below)
Bill's talk show on the new Bio channel - Raw Nerve
Bill on the Best Damn Sports Show Period - An Ode to Basketball
Bill does an interview for Just For Laughs in Montreal
Star Trek wax figures - check out the video and the article
Star Tre: the New Voyages - the Gay Episode
Star Trek in Internet World magazine - 1995!
Trek actors comment on Galaxy Quest
We play the Star Trek Trivia Challenge!

Live Khan Improv

Star Trek stage parody

"The Wrath of Khan" from "The Khan Saga", a series of Star Trek parodies performed in the early 1990s by the Toronto improv team The Chumps. It is from "Trek Talk", a documentary about Star Trek fans around the the Star Trek 25th anniversary celebrations. Interview with members of the cast are included. For details, contact:

You can read a bit about The Chumps here.

Spock's Brain Live!

"Spock's Brain is a live presentation of an actual Star Trek episode! The talented cast, in full Star Trek costumes—er, uniforms—performs the episode on a great-looking set with actual music and sound effects from the original Star Trek television series. It's not a spoof or a parody of Star Trek—it is the actual episode in its entirety!"

This performance ran in 2004. Read more about it here!

Matt Bianco played Captain Kirk.
Stephen Millunzi played "Bones" and the surface Morg.
Andy Bray played Chekov and a security morg (fight scene).
Cesario Tio played Sulu.
Lola Davidson played Nurse Chapel & Luma.
Gabriel Diani played Spock.
Tom Deters played Scotty.
Kelly Park played Uhura.
Danny Esguerra played a red shirt & a morg.
Produced & Directed by Mike Carano