Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Show #35 - March 28

Episode 35 on MP3

News From Around His Butt!
Denny and Alan, sittin' in a tree
Putting the Fans to Work - FanLib goes live and a rather extended discussion about the nature of fanfiction
The mystery of TrekPassions
Boston Legal reviews; Alan loves Shirley, and Denny gets to lead a case
Sex toys via our man in NZ, Greg Gray, and "Look At His Butt Bucks"
"Look At His Butt" in Elvish! (courtesy of David and Charlie from Comic Makers)

Shatner with fans at Vulkon 2004. Sent in by one of our furry listeners (here as Moneypenny the cat)

Shatner looking all buttly. (Thanks, Julia!)

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Happy Birthday Bill! 3/22

Big birthday wishes from the Butt Girls to our Hero, Superintense Hunk, with his powers of Charm and Hotness!

A great picture of Jonathan Frak-- oh wait, it's Bill.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Show #34 - March 20

Episode 34 on MP3

Talk Show Bill on Craig Ferguson (and what it might be like to go to lunch with him)
Jim Kirk is on MySpace!
Did Kirk really bang all those women? Why there are deniers (and a really weird list)
Seven Stages of Shatner (at Maisonneuve mag - you need to register to read it)
Shatner at the Toyota Pro Celebrity Races
Smutty comics - threat or menace? Smutty TOS comics - do they even exist?
Some really bad art by your two hosts
And the story of Naughty Pinette!

Kirk goes up for auction on eBay. Looks kinda dusty.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Playing the Video Clips

We've heard that some people have had problems playing the various video clips we're hosting. A couple of suggestions:

- Download the clip rather than playing it within the browser (in Windows, right-click and save; in Mac, Control-click and save)

- Upgrade to the newest version of QuickTime player

- Download the VLC Media Player (both Mac and Windows), which will play just about anything - and it's good for screencapping

Hope this helps. Anything to bring naked Shatner to the listeners!

Friday, March 10, 2006

Show #33 - March 10

Episode 33 on MP3

Shatner says "Look At This Butt!" (video clip is here)
More Comatose Captain (from Ed) - and the Earth Calendar to help the rest of you out
Another Shatner sighting, hunting bear?
Ashes in space
Make Love the William Shatner Way (and here's the clip from Big Bad Mama)
Two episodes of Boston Legal - and Denny Crane gets married!
Bad fanfic for your snarking pleasure
William Shatner: SuperIntense Hunk! Fighting crime with the powers of Charm and Hotness!
And a Spanish closing from David Arroyo

The Chair from Boston Legal?

This is just to convince you that you need to watch the clip. In slow motion.

EVE in Mark of Gideon! YES!

Through the magic of technology, we bring you Kirk's EVE, courtesy of Julia! WOO HOO!

Friday, March 03, 2006

Show #32 - March 3

Episode 32 on MP3

Shatner on A&E Biography - all new!
Enterprise Incidents from 1984 - Spotlight on William Shatner
We review Mark of Gideon, a third season ep: bad hairdos, spooky scenes, sex in Sickbay, and accents
Shatner in the Globe (boo, hiss)
And the return of Marjorie Kirk, mother of the Captain

Look at his belly!

Look at how young and pretty!
And already with the charm and hotness!