Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Friday, September 28, 2007

Best new Shatner catch-phrase.

From an email we just got:

"But then i downloaded real...and it hit me, like giant bolts of william shatner thunder that...THE MAN IS FUCKING AMAZING!!! the voice, the poetry, the ASS!!!"

There you go. "Giant Bolts of William Shatner Thunder". YES!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Shatfest! Nov 8 in El Cerrito, CA

Will the Thrill PRESENTS!
featuring the first-ever Cerrito Shatfest and the Shatfest debut of Big Bill's infamous, legendary all Esperanto-language, devil-worshipping cult classic INCUBUS (1965), with producer Tony Taylor in person!
Plus THE DEVIL-ETTES live on stage!
Admission: $8, 9:15 PM at the El Cerrito Speakeasy Theatre
And meet the BUTT-GIRLS!!!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Show #75 - Sept. 21

Episode 75 on MP3

Rifftrax: Star Trek V - Yay!
Julia's Shatner fanvid
Amanda's email - Where did Kirk's make-up come from in "Enemy Within"?
Paulette's email - "An Erlenmeyer flask flask full of death!"
Mego Museum Trek cards!
History of K/S - to be published by Beyond Dreams Press
Analytics According to Captain Kirk
JK's Project Manager K/S

Thank you, Scott!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Kirk love. Oh yeah.

Thanks to Greg for cluing us in to this stellar example of man-love for Kirk's charm and hotness. I quote this in its entirety from Mike Sterling's Progressive Ruin:

Get a load of this handsome bastard:

This is the "retailer incentive" variant cover for Star Trek Year Four #2,but IDW really missed a bet not making that the regular cover.

Also, looking at that makes you realize, in regards to the forthcoming Star Trek film "reboot" -- it's a fool's game to recast Kirk. I mean, how do you top perfection?

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Show #74 - Sept 6

Episode 74 on MP3

Tom Cruise in the new Trek movie
? And who is the villain going to be? And what's with the casting call?
OT: Ian McKellen on Extras
The Geek Hierarchy, via Brunching Shuttlecocks
McCoy's "I'm a doctor, not a ..." quotes
Jen writes us a story!! And we're in it!!!
Spock: Annoying?
Buttons the Radical Boy Scout!!
JK has Shatner dreams - and what does Bill dream about?
If Edward Gorey drew Star Trek! by Shaenon Garrity

Gay robots!

The Trouble with Tribbles if Gorey has drawn it, by Shaenon Garrity