Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Show #22 - Nov 19

Episode 22 on MP3

Bascon wrap-up and more!

Bill inducted into the Broadcast Hall of Fame
Bill talks about fanfic!
Secrets of a Married Man, again
Alfred Hitchcock Presents and Night Gallery/Sixth Sense
A long discussion about wigs, toupees, and the sad tonsorial state of today's stars
LT reads her very strange but sexy story, "Rank Privilege"

Look how young! 1960!

Look how skinny!

Look at that THING on top of his head!


Anonymous said...

I saw this and thought of you:
iPod powered vibrator so I thought I' send ya the link.


Love ya, power on, ladies,

Em in the Unverse

Trishymouse said...

I LOVED Show #22!! Especially LT's fanfic. That was funny, and sweet, and made me smile and a bit weepy because it was so Kirk...

Anonymous said...

Oh my god - he fucked the deckplate. He put little (or not so little?) Jim into a jeffries tube.

Did he ask jeffrey first?

Did he buy him dinner afterwards?

Does one of scotty's ensigns have to do 'Captain's Cum' duty once a week, cleaning up the ... ahem.. residue?

Wow - I never knew I'd be asking these questions when I woke up! Great work as always ladies!