Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Show #94 - Sept 1

Episode 94 on MP3

Presents! Lene gets a big Star Trek binder from JK: Star Trek Universe User's Manual, which contains...
Trivia questions!
And JK gets some office supplies from Lene
Craptastic cards!
500 Star Trek comic books!
Spock's Psycho File, from Gold Key comics, courtesy of scans_daily
Christopher Plummer - insane or delusional?
Star Trek the Experience: Decommissioned.

We need reporters for Shatfest!!!

Sarek as Robin of Sherwood

Bill on E! True Hollywood story

Here are all the pieces, via YouTube. You have to put up with the software warning in the middle...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bill wants ABC to WIN! WIN! WIN!

Butt Girls Commentary via iChat:

LT: he looked good
JK: Yeah
LT: he hasn't gained back the weight
LT: go Bill!
JK: not yet
LT: his doctor is daring him to keep it off
LT: Oh right I forgot
LT: "Bill, most of my patients gain it back right away..."
JK: I think this Patton thing is one of Bill's best shills ever - right up there with "You'll never meet a bigger whore than I am"
LT: totally. and very Denny, too
JK: Yep
LT: I like the way Spader wanders in
JK: I'm so glad they were renewed
LT: like this was in the back office of Crane Pool etc.
JK: The 13-episode arc is supposed to focus on Denny & Alan
LT: ooh
LT: maybe they'll get married in California at the end
JK: It probably is, right next to that little kitchen
JK: Awwwwww...
LT: hahaha
LT: just to prove a point. not to have sex or anything.
JK: OF course not!
JK: They just want to make a point and file joint income taxes
LT: yep
LT: and write off those spa trips together
JK: Can married people do that?
JK: I've been missing out
LT: it's for business
JK: Funny business
LT: Denny would find a way to make it work
JK: In his strange little fantasy world...

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Show #93 - Aug 23

Episode 93 on MP3

Some fun tidbits
Email from Iddy! Review of Me So Horny, thoughts on The Empath, and most importantly, this book -
Tanya Lemani's Have Belly, Will Travel
Quvmoh at the SF Museum!
Shatfest 2008 - Sept 18
Bill's Live Autographs

Monday, August 04, 2008

Show #92 - August 4

Episode 92 on MP3

Star Trek the Tour --> Star Trek the Exhibition
Star Trek the Experience closing down
Bill nominated for an Emmy
Another hall of fame - broadcasters
Raw Nerve in August - with Leonard!
Empath mini-review
Listener opinion: When is it okay to quote fiction to convey your sentiments?
Wrath of Khan action figures
The Very Long Article about Bill
Shatner spotlight

What Hooker episode should we watch?

Star Trek Death Of Spock Kirk and Spock 2-Pack Figures Description:
* Hold back the tears!
* Recreate the heart-wrenching scene!
* You can't live without this!