Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Show #40 - May 21

Episode 40 on MP3

Stuff, Stuff, and Stuff!

James Spader in Crash (and here's a link to the thread at the James Spader Meeting Place with many many screencaps)
Wholly Love - Christian Sex Toys!
Esquire's What I've Learned with Bill - it's all about sex
Sex Toy orgasm ratings from Toys in Babeland (May is Masturbation Month!)
Some "Over the Hedge" stuff
Check out Star Trek "Cribs" on YouTube
Bill on the Dinah Shore show
A discussion about the rumors about the director/writer of the potential new Trek movie
A total geek session about Starfleet Academy attendance, casting, costumes, and everything!

Yo, there's lots of Shatner on YouTube, yo.

Spader gets it on in the Crash.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Show #39 - May 16

Episode 39 on MP3

We're back!

Wrap-up of the Shatner Weekend
Bryan Evans (and William Shatner) appear in SkyMall magazine
Four Boston Legal episodes in a row! One of them directed by Lou Antonio! Listen as we get confused about who said what!
Thanks to everyone for helping us make the top 50 at Podcast Alley - you guys rock

Lying or just smirking?


Saturday, May 06, 2006

Shatner Weekend Video Diary (sort of)

We are so smart. We made a slide show. It features that rocking song by the Scofflaws! It's up on YouTube:

And here's the URL is case this embedded one isn't working: