Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Show #28 - Jan 25

Episode 28 on MP3

Sorry we're late!

Alexander The Great
Fanfic recs: Kissing Captain Kirk by LyraStar
How to Wake the Comatose Captain
More on the word "cooter"
George Takei on Howard Stern's show
Brian Evans and William Shatner Live CD
Maynard's tie (and Maynard's podcast!)
The page down picture, in all its glory
We tell pointless stories about movies and theatre and mercifully end the show

Mr. A.T. Great, looking concerned. This was the best cleaning up I could do.

Maynard shows us his tie!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Show #27 - Jan 14

Episode 27 on MP3

An action packed episode!

Catching up on Boston Legal
Shatner and Spader nominated for SAG awards
A plug for the Ricky Gervais podcast
The William Shatner Fan Club!!! Send us to the Shatner Weekend!!
Shatner's "Secrets" (found on MilkandCookies)
Vulcan dildos on KirkSpockSnuggle Yahoo group
Tom Hanks in Star Trek?
Bill's going to host the Golden Groundhog awards
The blog for Autodestruct: One Man's Obsession with William Shatner
Vegas Trek weddings!

And if he hasn't slept with you yet, he will. (Thanks, Paul!)

Friday, January 06, 2006

Show #26 - Jan 6

Episode 26 on MP3

One hella long show!

Charlton Heston on Star Trek? (courtesy of Len Preston)
Go to the homework thread at TSFPN
The Return of Rand on New Voyages
A Shatner/Trek movie rumor
Shatner committed to doing Free Enterprise 2
Bill paraglides and the video goes up on eBay
Shatner should host the Oscars
Bill's iTunes playlist (you need iTunes to see this)
Was Shatner ever in a musical?
Michael Roy Hollihan's "Star Trek: Clambake!"
The Wiggles FAQ
Ten Things I Hate About Star Trek
White Comanche on Public Domain Torrents
Check out our friends at DVD tribe!

Anthony Spock? Greg Kirk?