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Captain Kirk

Friday, May 29, 2009

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

STII promotion on the Merv Griffin show

Bill, looking slim but wearing a horrible toupee and a Mr. Rogers cardigan.

Leonard's turn. Check out the hug with Bill! Bill, what's with "wroth"?

Leonard tells us what cons are really like. And De is introduced as "the young fellow who portrays Dr. MCoy"! Love the turtle story.

Steve & Eydie were Trek fans??? OMG!


From the LiveJournal community startrek_tos:
The Internet Movie Database has full episodes of every TOS episode except two from the first season. I actually prefer these episodes to the ones on Fancast because the video quality is better. Plus, you get detailed information about each episode as well as trivia for the entire series on the same site. Just wanted to let my fellow Trekkies know.
There are also remastered eps at Basically, there is NO EXCUSE for not watching TOS.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Shatner IS Shatner

The Guardian gets it right!
Shatner, personally, is OK he isn't in the new film. Shatner is happy the franchise is succeeding. Shatner didn't watch Star Trek much either, now you mention it. Shatner is perfectly comfortable no longer being Captain Kirk. Shatner knows exactly who he is: Shatner.

Shatner didn't always know he was Shatner. He described his epiphany to US talk show host Conan O'Brien about a decade ago. Everyone at Star Trek conventions was always talking about "Shatner this" and "Shatner that", Shatner recounted. They were going on as if Kirk/Shatner was a hero with magic powers, some sort of binary god. Who WAS this mythical figure, this "Shatner", Shatner wondered. Then, he said, it dawned on him. HE WAS SHATNER.

From that moment on, Shatner has been Shatner as intensely as any celebrity has ever inhabited a personality. He is one of the few famous people to embrace the fact that his image is nothing more than a plaything of the public, a sort of reality TV star before the genre existed.

Howard Stern gets it right, too!

Bill quietly and firmly reduces a director to jell-o

Bill's Toupee Survived the 1970s!

And it's still working! Watch this clip from "Population 436," a 2006 movie that not only features Bill's toupee atop the leading man, it's also very similar to some of those made-for-TV movies Bill made in the 70s.

I'm pretty sure Bill wore that blue shirt in Kingdom of the Spiders.

Monday, May 25, 2009

A different sort of Kirk Light

And that's not all!

There's Kirk Butt!

And Kirk Butt Shadow!

And - HOLY TOMATO! - Kirk Bicep Light!

Thanks, Di!

We! Love! Our! ... LISTENERS!!!

J.J., Bill Shatner is on the line

Here's a great article in which Bill talks about the possibility of having J.J. Abrams on Raw Nerve.

If Abrams does accept an invitation to appear on Raw Nerve, Shatner says he would like to explore the director's early years, rather than the controversy over their Star Trek stoush.
Ummmm...what's a stoush? Is it like a cooter?

Friday, May 22, 2009

Latinum Kirk!

Another media conquered!

Click to embiggen and read the description, which is coincidentally apropos to our discussion of Kirk's leadership qualities in our latest podcast.
Kirk is yours for only 5 installments of $25.00, plus shipping and handling.
If only.

Older than TOS found it at Nostalgic-G blog "which has an insanely detailed review of Trek-related Playmates paraphernalia." Thanks, OTT, for sharing!

Show #107 - May 22

Episode 107 on MP3

We talk about everything, lots of spoilers, lots of complaining, lots of things we loved!!
What will we call Old and New Spock?
For a real take on the Kobayashi Maru, read JK's story What Lies Within

Also, find Lene on Twitter, and Audio Boo

Hitler on the new Trek movie.

I totally agree about Kirk. Punk!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Two Reasons to Watch T.J. Hooker



Sent to us by Amanda who presents a very good argument for T.J. aka 1970s Bill!

Bill spoofs the new movie, part 2

For some reason, the video was pulled from the NBC and Hulu sites but the lovely and talented Ruby Pearl posted to:

Bill spoofs the new movie

In this one, Bill's part starts about 2 minutes in. Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bill & Jay Leno spoof the new movie

Tonight Show May 19, 2009
Bill's sketch starts about 17 minutes in - Very funny! And no nose-picking.

Logan is Funny About Obnoxious Kirk.

Courtesy of Loganotron - I'm so glad that he's being snarky!
Just Jared has an amazing gallery of shirtless Chris Pine pics. Included are two adorable ones. My first fave is of Chris digging for space gold up his Jefferies tube. My second fave is Chris reading the New York Times and sticking his tongue out in a “These words are hard to understand” sort of expression. So cute.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bill makes a cartoon. I'm afraid to watch.

Via People online:
While the Star Trek franchise he helped make famous is achieving success at warp speed at the box office, the original Captain Kirk is exploring the final frontier of cyberspace.

In The Gavones, his new YouTube cartoon, William Shatner directs and voices Don Salmonella Gavone, who's struggling to pick an heir from his four misfit sons. The pilot episode has just been posted, with the next installment due out within a month.

Think of the Gavone family as the-Sopranos-meets-Hollywood, says Shatner.

"It's the mafia in Hollywood trying to make a hit – and half the family think it's murder and the other half thinks it's a movie," Shatner told exclusively. "It's a comedic Soprano family."

In the pilot, Shatner used friends and family to voice the characters. Down the line, Shatner says that Robert DeNiro, Joe Pesci and Martin Scorsese are likely to appear – their cartoon likenesses, anyway.

"We can get anybody we want with the flick [of a pen]," he says.

So why has Shatner, who most recently starred in Boston Legal, turned his hand to animation?

"I decided a cartoon on YouTube would be really fun," he says. "All those media forms like Facebook and Twitter, we don't know where they're going to take us; certainly YouTube is unique in its form. So it seemed like a good idea to investigate how to do entertainment on it."
But here's the buried lede, as Harry Shearer would say:
Priceline is sponsoring the series, which will comprise 6-7 episodes and run twice a month.
Of course they are!

Well, here it is. Will someone please watch it for me?

Friday, May 15, 2009

Shatner auction for premiere tix pulled by eBay

Posted by Paul, the admin of the Shatner BBS:
The auction got pulled by eBay - if you can believe that.
This is what they said:

"Unfortunately, we had to remove your listing because the following information violates our policy:

In description:100 of the Proceeds from this auction will benefit Mr. Shatner's Hollywood Charity Horseshow"

If it didn't have that line it would be fine so instead of having the over $1000 bid that was currently on the item - eBay decided to end it.

In looking at the eBay Policy they have this outside charitable company called Mission Fish which is "in charge" of handling the charitable donation auctions. They require non-profits to register in their database to be able to benefit from an eBay auction.

Ah but there's a catch. In the fine print it says:

"Because we’re a nonprofit, we keep a small part of each donation processed to offset bank fees and other expenses. The deduction for Community Seller donations is based on the size of the gift: our percentage gets smaller as the donation gets bigger. We never take more than 20% of any donation, and our average deduction is roughly 10%. "

I hate when people make it so damn hard to do something good.

Love is what makes the cold universe warm.

Thanks, Mr. Atoz!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

No Hate Like Internet Hate

Turn on your caps lock, turn off your spelling checker and FLAME ON!

ALL Cannon people need to relax (and move out of you parents basement) this was the perfect movie and the plot solved all of your(our) concerns. And I AM the biggest Geek of all.... My son is 8 and his name is James Tiberius Mu----! SEE THIS MOVIE!!!!

This movie is an abortion.

I just want my male reviews guys not to take about another man's sexiness. That was a little too much to take.

Just a few random comments posted in reply to Entertainment Weekly's review of Star Trek XI.

Talkin' Mythology

Is Captain Kirk an American icon?
Americans have spent much of the past 50 years bringing our fictional protagonists down to eye level. Where once we had Captain Ahab and Paul Bunyan and John Henry, now we have Rabbit Angstrom and Jack Bauer and Tony Soprano, characters consumed by their faults or quirks or doubts.

That makes for great tragedy and great realism but, perhaps, not great myth. And “Star Trek,” as a history of the future we desire, is unrepentantly mythic.
Translation: Shatner Kirk, yes. Pine Kirk, not so much.

BTW, have you watched The Omega Glory lately? Kirk even gives a "come-hither" look to the American flag! You can't get more iconic than that!

PvP on Trek

A great comic, and a great blog entry. I didn't get teary at the end, but I did get total chills when Spock intoned "Space, the final frontier...."
My father introduced me to Star Trek. We used to watch the original series whenever it came on.

One of my favorite memories of watching the show with my dad might be a little bit embarrassing for him. But I’m going to share it with you anyway.

One time, my dad cried at an episode of Star Trek. It wasn’t any special episode either. It was probably one he had seen a million times before and never cried at. It ended like every episode of Star Trek ended, with Kirk and Bones laughing at Spocks inability to understand their illogical emotions. Over the credits, Kirk gives Spock a sharp slap to the arm and my dad laughed out loud. Then he paused and he got a bit overwhelmed. He got misty. Happy misty. Sentimental misty.

When I asked him why he was tearing up, he simply smiled at me and replied. “Because they’re friends.”

And I remember my mother coming in and doting on him and finding it endearing that he cared so deeply for fictional characters.

You’re going to hear a lot about this new Trek. People are going to talk about the action, effects and the casting. They’re going to even talk about how careful the film-makers were to weave this new series into existing Trek continuity. Those are all great reasons to see Star Trek. Make no mistake though, the reason you’ll love this movie is the same reason my dad loved the original. “Because they’re friends.”

I got a teared up a little at the end of Star Trek. They got me by using the original theme music in the ending credits. My dad was there with us to see the movie. It felt good. It felt like home.

I can assure you… this is most definitely my father’s Star Trek.

Click to embiggen

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Show #106 - May 13

Episode 106 on MP3

Last show pre-movie!

CSI does Trek: A Space Oddity (and you can watch it on Hulu)
Lots of background from the Chicago Tribune
Deep Thoughts: What would a finale ep of TOS have been like?
Some discussion of planets being blown up!

Note the ripped shirt.

SFChron: Bill on the front page AGAIN

Today's SF Chronicle has an article about bromances in tv/movies, and of course Kirk and Spock top the list as the archetypes. I laughed out loud when I picked up the paper this morning and saw this picture of Bill and Leonard at the top of the front page (strangely, the print version is in color). I swear, since the movie came out I've seen more pictures of Bill as Kirk than I have of Chris Pine.

I love you Peter Hartlaub!
True bromance means never having to say "See you after my honeymoon is over." Spock and Kirk's relationship lasted for 78 television show episodes and eight movies. And you never saw either one spend more than 44 minutes with a girlfriend. They seemed to take so much pleasure in each other's company that no woman could substitute. While bromance wannabe Han Solo didn't even have a conversation with Chewbacca before he abandoned their bachelor's paradise for Princess Leia, Kirk and Spock were committed to growing old together, without interference or distraction.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Yet Another Ode to Bill

6 Reasons Why William Shatner Is the Greatest Performer of All Time

#6 - “Damnit Jim, Booty is Booty”

It would call to reason that a show about space exploration would lead to several encounters with alien beings. It would also call to reason that some of these aliens would be smoking hot half-naked women in all shades of the rainbow. Aside from the fact that he shared television’s first interracial kiss, Shatner’s portrayal of “Jim” taught us that Booty is Booty, and that means it’s quite all right to make passionate love to a 6-foot-tall blue (or oftentimes green) Amazonian. Without these epic performances, how could Comic Conventions exist in their current state? They could not.
Go, Geeks of Doom!

All the Trek News That's Fit to Print

In the Week in Review section from Sunday's New York Times, there were 3! count em, 3! Trek articles/editorials.

Exploring the Universe, One B-Movie at a Time by David Hajdu
[M]y big sister, then already in high school, was on hand to explain the wondrous narrative physics of the episode [A Piece of the Action]. I was watching a puzzle made from three things, she said: one, the “Star Trek” I understood; two, a period crime movie our father liked, called “The Roaring Twenties”; and three, the clownish “Soupy Sales Show.”

Put Aside Logic by Maureen Dowd
Commanding his own unwieldy starship of blended species, with Cheney, Limbaugh and other pitiless Borg aliens firing phasers from all sides, Mr. Obama has certainly invoked Mr. Spock’s Vulcan philosophy of “Infinite diversity in infinite combinations.”

The Two Sides of Star Trek by David Itzkoff
“A lot of science-fiction is nihilistic and dark and dreadful about the future, and ‘Star Trek’ is the opposite,” Mr. Nimoy said. “We need that kind of hope, we need that kind of confidence in the future. I think that’s what ‘Star Trek’ offers. I have to believe that — I’m the glass-half-full kind of guy.”

Romulan Ale! Sort of.

Illegal throughout Federation space, you no longer need to board a freighter crossing the Neutral Zone to get your hands on Romulan Ale. The drink of choice of the xenophobic Romulans, this non-alcoholic energy drink will keep your mind sharp and your passions sharper.

This stuff will run you about $40 a case, and it's just a freaking energy drink - there's NO ALCOHOL in it. As I said to Mike Sterling, you should add grain alcohol to it; it's supposed to be berry flavored, but if it's anything like Pepsi Blue, it's probably undrinkable straight out the bottle.

Romulan ale: Helping captains make bad decisions since stardate 2243.5.

William Shatner is very disappointed in all of you.

He could spank all of us. And then the oral sex.

Kim Hollis: Star Trek earned a jaw-dropping $79.2 million from Thursday evening until Sunday. What are the primary reasons that Paramount was able to hit it out of the park with the Star Trek reboot?

Josh Spiegel: First of all, this film came out at the right time. It's been long enough that most people have forgotten the last two Star Trek films, Insurrection and Nemesis, which were both flops. Second, the movie has looked like, from the first major trailer being released, like it could easily please Trekkers and non-Trekkers alike with enough callbacks to even the most familiar Star Trek references and lots of action. That, more than anything else, is what I would call the biggest reason that this new Star Trek film works: you really don't need to know anything about the mythology of the show aside from the characters' names (and the original series has been around for over 40 years, so you'd have to live under a rock to not even recognize the name Spock) to enjoy it.

Box Office Prophets

If nothing else, at least I have a reason to post this picture of pouty Kirk.

Trek XI: The Missing Shatner Scene

Well, it's not exactly a scene...

Star Trek Writers Reveal the William Shatner Scene That Never Was

"I! Don't! Do! ... CAMEOS!"

Top 10 William Shatner Moments

Courtesy of IGN UK

Coming in at #2:

Star Trek: The Cartoon

via the Village Voice. "Old Kirk and new Kirk go where no Kirk has gone before, thanks to Ward "Energize!" Sutton."

Bill used fishing line...

...but Quinto used superglue.

Also on that page is a video clip that reinforces my original perception of those two actors: Quinto, witty and geek-charming; Pine, kinda stupid.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Whipped Kirk and Other Delights

The cover of Bill's next album, perhaps?

I'm so glad someone has mastered Photoshop. Grepthar knows I never will.

Did I mention we love our listeners? Check out Francesca's blog Star Trek and 60s Design for great photos and commentary.

Star Trek apps for iPhone

A nice piece about some of the apps that are out for the iPhone. I'm definitely getting Daxhotel, and the TOS trivia one too - we'll be playing it on an upcoming show!

Logan has the phaser one and he says it's not all that. Oh well.

Wired magazine Trek comic online

When Worlds Collide, by Paul Pope

In a Flash presentation. It's pretty keen!

There's just something about a man with a harp...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Trek interior design

Courtesy of Dave Campbell - too funny not to quote in its entirety (and I completely agree with him!).

Where did the Enterprise crew get all those wonderful lights?

Now YOU can transform your apartment or living room into a futuristic starship bridge in three easy steps.

1. Paint everything Bright White latex paint with a satin finish for easy cleaning.
2. Swap out all accessories, furniture, and fixtures with brushed stainless steel replacements.
3. Purchase the following lights:

* 650 Dioder multi-purpose lights (with extra lens flare filters)
* 24 Asker countertop lights
* 12 Gruda bookcase/picture lights
* 24 Kramare spotlights
* 1 Spoka night light (for science officer's station)

Caution: You may have to wear sunglasses at all times.

The only thing they lack, of course, is the fixture that makes Kirklight.

A Mother's Day Space Treat

Captain Kirk's Childhood

Marjorie takes time out from her busy Mother's Day (opening all those space gifts, doncha know) to tell us a bit about Jimmy's childhood.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Bill didn't use it...

So why shouldn't you have it? Bid on Bill's invitation to the premiere of Star Trek XI. It's autographed!

See it and bid on Ebay

The auction consists of the two piece Premiere invitation plus mailing envelope. The address label has been whited out for privacy but it still shows William Shatner's name. There is a special Star Trek stamp on the envelope. On the reverse of the envelope Mr. Shatner has boldy signed the envelope. The invitation is also accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity from attesting that the invitation is Mr. Shatner's and that the envelope was hand signed by Mr. Shatner.

100% of the Proceeds from this auction will benefit Mr. Shatner's Hollywood Charity Horseshow.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Trek-pimp your desktop!

Icons! Get your Star Trek icons for your desktop.

The tricorder looks an awful lot like a jukebox to me. Maybe that's the future evolution of music devices: jukebox ... Sony Walkman ... iPod ... iPhone ... Tricorder. Hell, the iPhone already plays music and does practically everything in the world. Just hang a strap on it, wear it like a manpurse and voila! Tricorder.

Violence! Mayhem! Kirk-Fu!

On the Enterprise, every night is Saturday night!

Trek movie review in the SFChron, featuring BILL!

Great review in today's Chron by MickLaSalle (he likes the movie a lot) - and OF COURSE Bill is mentioned:
So the young Kirk is a wise guy. Of course he is. He's still a wise guy today, doing commercials for "Priceline" - but wait, that's William Shatner, not Kirk. It all gets mixed together in the mind. As Kirk, Chris Pine doesn't imitate Shatner, but he evokes his confidence and breezy, jolly narcissism. At 10 years old, the young Kirk is taking the family car out for a joy ride, and as a young man, he's getting into bar fights. He has brains and nerve to spare, but he's going nowhere on Earth. Space is the answer.

Also this bit about Leonard is priceless:
Leonard Nimoy shows up as the old Spock, and he's not just there for a perfunctory blessing. He serves both a story function and an emotional function. At 78 (and looking not a day older than 79), Nimoy, just standing there, is a reminder of the passage of time and the glory of it all. He gives this new series a kickoff that it just might deserve.

This review is pretty much spoiler-safe, but if you're like JK and don't want to know ANYTHING about the movie, don't read it.

Starfleet Academy online

Via Brandweek (I have to read this stuff for work):

It's a safe bet that if any audience can appreciate brands showing off tech muscle, it's the Trekkie crowd.

Verizon Wireless and Nokia are betting that holds true as they team up on a new site that makes one of the first efforts to use so-called "augmented-reality" technology to create an interactive version of the highly anticipated Star Trek movie on Friday. The Join Starfleet Academy site is to promote Verizon Wireless services and Nokia products.

Visitors to can enter the "interactive video display center" to build the augmented-reality experience. It involves printing out a PDF document reading "incoming message from Starfleet Academy." Then, using his or her computer's Webcam, the site shows the viewer holding the sheet and the trailer plays on top of it and moves along with it.

"This is a very particular audience," said Shawn Moore, group creative director at Moxie Interactive, the Publicis Groupe shop that developed the campaign. "They're very particular and look for any detail they can find."

The Starfleet Academy site is meant as a hub for Trekkies. It includes everything from mobile applications to wallpapers to snippets from the film.

The effort is similar to a recent General Electric campaign that promoted its smart grid technology. It also allowed visitors to print out a PDF and then showed them on screen interacting with animation.

The hope is the wow factor will ignite a pass-along effect. The Starfleet Academy site includes a sharing option for popular social networks.

Such immersive experiences require some work from consumers (as well as a Webcam), making them applicable only for some audiences, Moore said.

"If I was just selling a service that's so mass market, that's not the right fit," he said. "This type of audience and this genre of movie really speaks to tech gurus."
If any tries this out, please let us know! We'll probably explore it on an upcoming show, but it would be great to have the inside scoop...

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Entertainment Weekly Luuuuuuvs Bill

They use the debut of a new Trek movie as an excuse to flaunt their mancrush. AND they include "Galaxy Quest" as a Trek milestone! That's classy.

Trek Milestones

I know you're all shocked to see an image from TMP here but GAWD he's gorgeous! And there's Kirklight! (Ignore those 2 clowns in the back trying to get some Kirklight action.)


Don Asmussen (Bad Reporter at the San Francisco Chronicle) reveals the LIES behind the TRUTH, and the TRUTH behind those LIES that are behind that TRUTH.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Bill's Senior Prom?

No, it's from one of his early Broadway gigs--The World of Suzie Wong. BTW, that's Frances Nuyen (Elaan of Troyius) he's cuddling with. But it also shows us what young Kirk really looked like.

Logan's Trek blogging

Look, there's so much other stuff to blog about this week - and Logan found some fantastic stuff! So why not just head over to his blog and see?

Star Trek Cakes

Virgins Eagerly Await Star Trek

Star Trek Clock: Stardate Awesome

Brought to you by the letter "L" for lazy. Oh, and here's a picture of the Trek lobby display at my local theatre.

Wil Wheaton liked the new Trek movie

Here are the words to go with the picture.

Bill watches the Trek trailer - and shills!

William Shatner Watches New Star Trek Movie Trailer

Favorite part: after he says "It looks great!", Bil IMMEDIATELY launches into shill mode for his OWN Kirk-at-the-Academy book! Screw Abrams! Buy my book! I AM CAPTAIN KIRK!!

Shatner Meets Pine

Pretty anti-climactic - you can't hear anything they're saying. This happened on April 25th, so it must have been at Bill's charity horse show - meaning he didn't slam himself into the wall during his trick riding. No word on whether Tommy Turvey survived.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Trekkiest Trekkies win trip to LA Premier

From Defliin Vigil of the San Francisco Chronicle:
A film-making family from San Rafael took the top prize in a national competition to make a video that proved they were the biggest Trekkies in the country. David Tanaka, a staff editor with Pixar (and an admitted Trekkie) along with his wife, Dorianne, and two sons, Mitchell and Benjamin, spent four weekends making the winning video, which coincides with this week's release of the new "Star Trek" movie. Called "Trekitis," the three-or-so-minute short features a concerned mom (played by Dorianne) speaking to a psychiatrist (played by neighbor Joan Lithgow). Among other things, they are trying to figure out why 8-year-old Mitchell has grown odd-shaped ears and keeps putting paralyzing Spock-holds on other kids. The answer of course is: Trekitis. The prize, awarded by Esurance, included an all-expenses-paid two-night trip to Hollywood - complete with limo ride to last week's red-carpet screening of "Star Trek" and $1,000 cash. How did the Tanakas spend it? "We spent it logically," said the father.

To see the winning video and others, click here. Follow the links to "sweepstakes" and "Watch Trekkie Videos." I gotta say the winning vid is great!

Show #105.5 - May 5

Episode 105.5 on MP3

Special Cinco de Mayo mini-podcast with Special Guest Star Mike Sterling of Mike's Progressive Ruin!

We talk about toys, comics, the movie, and lots lots more!

Money quote: "I wouldn't even need to open the bottle. I'd just need to rub the bottle of Tiberius cologne on my body and that would be enough."

Very Surprised Kirk(tm) from Burger King

Space Rage

Short and funny.

Thanks, Jamie for the heads-up!
And the rest of you, stay tuned to the all-posting, all-the-time blog!

Newsflash: THIS IS A DISASTER!!!

No spoilers. Foaming-at-the-mouth fanboys, proceed with caution.

Trekkies Bash New Star Trek Film As 'Fun, Watchable'

Never Released Trek Prequel!

Ah, the 90s, when teen movies were just the teensiest cut above an Archie comic.

Enterprise Tech Manuals - The way they should be

From Instruction Manuals for the USS Enterprise

And of course, the Captain's Quarters:

Maynard + Shatner Butt Girls = International Mayhem

Aussie superstar Maynard interviews the Shatner Butt Girls. Hilarity ensues.

Maynard's Malaise podcast

We love you, Maynard! (And we admire you for trying to create the illusion of Shatner butt.)

Monday, May 04, 2009

Don't fuck with me - I'm the Security Chief!

Translation: I eat dead redshirts for breakfast.

From the Star Trek personality quiz:
Hmmm... a definite Tactical mind.

Every problem has a simple solution in your book - usually involving explosions and knives.

You're blunt but effective, perfect for the blue shirt of a Security Chief.
And you are...?
Identify yourself.

The one! The only! CAPTAIN! KIRK!

Before the movie opens and a whole new can of worms opens with it, Ree Hines of makes it perfectly clear.
Everything we know about Kirk, we learned from Shatner. The man at the helm of the U.S.S. Enterprise wasn’t just created by the late, great Gene Roddenberry. You can’t write a character like Kirk. The swagger, the staccato delivery, the ever-present smirk — those come to life in the actor. Roddenberry gave him a backstory [...] but Shatner gave the captain life.

SF Chronicle's Man-Crush on Trek, Kirk, and Bill

This weekend's San Francisco Chronicle had a whole bunch of great coverage on Trek - not the new movie, but CLASSIC Trek, and of course there was a picture of Bill! Check out the great articles they've been running:

Best and Worst of Trek (villain, cameo, etc.)

Boldly Going for New Film Doesn't Irk Trekker

Q&A with Quinto

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Trek Stuff from Burger King and a Great Typo!

Trust me, the glasses look pretty cool but I had to post this picture. Looks like a mash-up of Star Trek, South Park and chibis.

Read the article and be sure to enjoy this sentence:
There are going to be four toys offered each week for four weeks (although sometimes restaurants with more costumers tend to go through their premium items faster).
The fun starts May 4!

Friday, May 01, 2009

Mix & Match

Compare the original and replacement crew.

Thanks, Jamie!

Favorite comments:

"Blasphemy!" and "JJ Abrams is going to KILL the Star Trek franchise with this fiasco of a film. People should avoid this film like the plague, and maybe the hack that is JJ Abrams will go away." (What, no "THIS IS A DISASTER!"? For shame, fanboys, for shame.)

"I think that James T Kirk looks cross-eyed." (Taken out of context, you might think this is a comment on the Bill the Cat picture but no, take a look at the Pine picture.)

Scroll down to our previous post for a happy ending.

Him Too Much Sexy

Lovely rich purple background--yes.
Sweat--good, good.
Kirklight--oh, well done!
But there's something missing.
Oh, of course! Rip the shirt, darling. Slowly. That's right.
Music up and... oh hell, you figure it out. I'm done typing.

Why Everyone Loves Captain Kirk

Because he's the goddamn captain, that's why!

And then there's the cosmic Kirk mojo - an intergalactic seduction record that makes Charlie Sheen and Mick Jagger look like high school virgins. Whether presented with a green Orion slave women, an android, or a primitive, tribal princess, Kirk could found a way into her bed. The web is littered with lists debating Kirk's greatest conquests, but he had a charm that made him seem less like a chauvinist scoundrel, and more just a lover of the moment.

Modern men can use "going to war" as an excuse for a tryst, but Kirk could use everything from "won't be back in this solar system for another 40 years" to "battling a Vulcan to death in hand-to-hand combat tomorrow" to justify his escapades. Life was short, and he flew by the seat of his pants in more ways than one.
Read the whole wonderful essay by Chris Lackner, National Post

Bill lookin' fine and ready to sign

Comic books, that is.

Bill is scheduled to take part in a book signing to correspond with National Free Comic Book Day Saturday May 2 at Golden Apple Comic in Los Angeles. More