Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Friday, May 01, 2009

Why Everyone Loves Captain Kirk

Because he's the goddamn captain, that's why!

And then there's the cosmic Kirk mojo - an intergalactic seduction record that makes Charlie Sheen and Mick Jagger look like high school virgins. Whether presented with a green Orion slave women, an android, or a primitive, tribal princess, Kirk could found a way into her bed. The web is littered with lists debating Kirk's greatest conquests, but he had a charm that made him seem less like a chauvinist scoundrel, and more just a lover of the moment.

Modern men can use "going to war" as an excuse for a tryst, but Kirk could use everything from "won't be back in this solar system for another 40 years" to "battling a Vulcan to death in hand-to-hand combat tomorrow" to justify his escapades. Life was short, and he flew by the seat of his pants in more ways than one.
Read the whole wonderful essay by Chris Lackner, National Post

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