Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Monday, May 04, 2009

Don't fuck with me - I'm the Security Chief!

Translation: I eat dead redshirts for breakfast.

From the Star Trek personality quiz:
Hmmm... a definite Tactical mind.

Every problem has a simple solution in your book - usually involving explosions and knives.

You're blunt but effective, perfect for the blue shirt of a Security Chief.
And you are...?
Identify yourself.


Cheryl said...

Also a tactical mind here. See in the Security staff meeting.

Diana Hunt said...

A stellar starfleet career awaits me, a great technical mind, but I need to work on my social interaction skills...LOL

Di in Australia

Anonymous said...

Engineering's your spiritual home.

Sound technical thinking throughout, officer.

A dazzling Starfleet career awaits you once you don the yellow shirt.

Now, if you could just work on those social skills a bit more...