Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Trekkiest Trekkies win trip to LA Premier

From Defliin Vigil of the San Francisco Chronicle:
A film-making family from San Rafael took the top prize in a national competition to make a video that proved they were the biggest Trekkies in the country. David Tanaka, a staff editor with Pixar (and an admitted Trekkie) along with his wife, Dorianne, and two sons, Mitchell and Benjamin, spent four weekends making the winning video, which coincides with this week's release of the new "Star Trek" movie. Called "Trekitis," the three-or-so-minute short features a concerned mom (played by Dorianne) speaking to a psychiatrist (played by neighbor Joan Lithgow). Among other things, they are trying to figure out why 8-year-old Mitchell has grown odd-shaped ears and keeps putting paralyzing Spock-holds on other kids. The answer of course is: Trekitis. The prize, awarded by Esurance, included an all-expenses-paid two-night trip to Hollywood - complete with limo ride to last week's red-carpet screening of "Star Trek" and $1,000 cash. How did the Tanakas spend it? "We spent it logically," said the father.

To see the winning video and others, click here. Follow the links to "sweepstakes" and "Watch Trekkie Videos." I gotta say the winning vid is great!

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