Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Romulan Ale! Sort of.

Illegal throughout Federation space, you no longer need to board a freighter crossing the Neutral Zone to get your hands on Romulan Ale. The drink of choice of the xenophobic Romulans, this non-alcoholic energy drink will keep your mind sharp and your passions sharper.

This stuff will run you about $40 a case, and it's just a freaking energy drink - there's NO ALCOHOL in it. As I said to Mike Sterling, you should add grain alcohol to it; it's supposed to be berry flavored, but if it's anything like Pepsi Blue, it's probably undrinkable straight out the bottle.

Romulan ale: Helping captains make bad decisions since stardate 2243.5.

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Mandy said...

Okay, so I bought some of this at the Star Trek exhibition at the Tech Museum this weekend, and it's delicious. It's more of a berry-citrus flavor. Doesn't taste like pepsi blue, more like one of the blue flavors of mountain dew.

I agree though, should totally be alcoholic, like sparks or something. Although, it tastes like it would be a good mixer at least.