Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Trek Stuff from Burger King and a Great Typo!

Trust me, the glasses look pretty cool but I had to post this picture. Looks like a mash-up of Star Trek, South Park and chibis.

Read the article and be sure to enjoy this sentence:
There are going to be four toys offered each week for four weeks (although sometimes restaurants with more costumers tend to go through their premium items faster).
The fun starts May 4!


Diana Hunt said...

We know one of those 430 people had to have been a costumer!

Di in Australia

JK and LT said...

The ship's costumer is one of our favorite jobs on which to speculate.

Sextoy said...

Looks like he had a butt sextoy there!

Diana Hunt said...

Refer my story on K/S Archive 'Make-up Sex'...LOL