Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Thursday, May 28, 2009

STII promotion on the Merv Griffin show

Bill, looking slim but wearing a horrible toupee and a Mr. Rogers cardigan.

Leonard's turn. Check out the hug with Bill! Bill, what's with "wroth"?

Leonard tells us what cons are really like. And De is introduced as "the young fellow who portrays Dr. MCoy"! Love the turtle story.

Steve & Eydie were Trek fans??? OMG!


R. Narvaez said...

JK and LT, Thanks so much for posting these together. I remember seeing this show when I was a kid--the Wroth of Khon bits stick out--and it's great to see them all again, looking healthy and at the height of their powers. (And it's nice to see how people used to actually have conversations on talk shows!)

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R. Narvaez said...

Oops, I meant!