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Captain Kirk

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Trivia about Hawaii Five-0

Found this while looking for info on Bill in Hawaii Five-0!

99. You Don't Have to Kill to Get Rich, but It Helps
Original air date: 9/26/72

There is lots of technology in this show, about an ├╝ber-organization called Veritex which identifies rich men coming to Hawaii through personal and financial reports, then blackmails them with the help of local prostitutes (some of whom are very hot looking). Veritex, described by Danno as committing "murder and blackmail on a massive scale," is powerful to the point of unbelievability, yet their Hawaiian "board of directors" is a pretty dull bunch, headed by William Speer (Ric Marlow, who sports a hideous haircut and lacks a certain omnipresence). Tommy Fujiwara, who plays their front man Larry Toba, is far too laid back. Veritex uses telex machines in combination with satellites (the terms Telstar and Intelsat 4 are thrown around). McGarrett gets a court order to "tap" into the telexes after telling his crew to track down every company which uses this form of communication on the island, which strikes District Attorney John Manicote as innovative. A Sony video machine with a camera and large reels like a tape recorder is also seen (the jury is out on whether this actually is a video machine, or just a reel-to-reel tape recorder disguised as one); as well, Duke is seen receiving a photo via what looks like a fax machine.. The star of the show is William Shatner, who hams his way through his role as Texas private investigator Sam Tolliver, who visits Hawaii to help his friend Wallace Shuster (Bill Edwards) get free of Veritex's insidous blackmail scheme, but ends up wanting to get in on the operation himself. Shatner seems to be having a good time, overpronouncing words like "bid-ness," "po-lice," "dee-liver" and "dee-vorce" with a thick accent. The script -- which leaves a lot to be desired -- wraps up things too quickly at the end. Tolliver's family are being held captive back in Texas by associates of Speer, but once the bad guys are captured, McGarrett merely throws the matter over to the Texas cops to deal with and the show ends! A "real" phone number -- 808-589-0589 -- is used. McGarrett and Tolliver meet only at the end and are never seen in the same shot. I wonder if the fact that Jack Lord was under consideration for the role of Captain Kirk in Star Trek (until he asked for too much control and money) resulted in some kind of ill feelings between himself and Shatner?


At the "Dallas airport" near the beginning of the show, there are mountains seen in the background through the large plate glass windows. I don't think so!
One of the hookers who goes missing is seen in a photo which shows her nude from behind.
At the wrap-up, McGarrett says, "Book him, Ben."
Get a load of the wind chimes hairpieces on character actress Jorie Remus, playing a madam!

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