Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's News To Us

From USA Weekend. Bill sez:
I’m working on a movie right now about standup comics.

and the writer (Brian Truitt) sez:
Nimoy never lets his old friend live down the time he almost drowned Nimoy on the movie set of Star Trek IV. [Shatner] collects funny stories from everywhere, and says he has a great anecdote about something hilarious that happened to him at the closing ceremonies of the recent 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.
So maybe he'll stop telling the bicycle story...


A report from FanExpo:
[Shatner] opened with behind-the-scenes tales of his time as a guest at the 2010 Olympic closing ceremonies in Vancouver and relayed that he was standing next to Wayne Gretzky when the final torch wouldn't rise. "I recognized a little bead of sweat above his lip -- in acting terms, that's called flop sweat. He had an ear piece and there was someone in his ear going, 'No, no, no yet Wayne. Wait for it Wayne, wait for it. It's going to go up, wait, wait, wait.' It sounded like he was using Viagra."
Thanks, TV Squad! We're assuming the Exposition Police are a division of you.

Bill with a book. A book that he thinks is hiding the piece of paper that has his lines written on it.

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