Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bill in Velvet!

And it's not a painting. I literally gasped when he made his entrance. He's so GORGEOUS!! And I think that's the best toupee ever.

"Is it me or the material?"

It's you, Bill, you know it's you.


Marz said...

Bill in red velvet! It's one of those things you want to see but never expect to. And here it is.
And he's so pretty!

"It just has to be exciting," says William Shatner.

Fresca said...

I kept watching this just for the SHIRT!

Anonymous said...

He is so hot, I can't stand it. And I'm so jealous of the younger woman. She hugged him, got hugged AND rubbed his arm. I keep thinking about what it would feel like to have my face pressed up to his neck. *Drooling*

murt said...

ya that is a great toupee - I was shocked at how natural it looked when I first saw this clip. It's so strange that he wore this style only here.... The Star Trek movies would have been much better with this toup IMHO.