Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Kirk on Twitter?

Lene to Kitty:

There is someone tweeting as @JamesT_Kirk on Twitter - some fairly amusing stuff, even though he uses a pic of Chris Pine (ICK). He tweeted this this other day:

My name is Jim, & I'm a sexaholic. Can't get enough of that sexahol.

...Which I retweeted. Today he sent me this:

@JamesT_Kirk: @lenetaylor *smile* Thanks for the RT. Kirk out.

...see, he's channeling Shatner here, not Chris fucking Pine. Anyway, it made me laugh

Kitty to Lene:

Strange as it sounds, the myth and reputation of the original (and only) Kirk is so strong that people seem to apply it to Young Douchey Kirk, all evidence to the contrary.


Commodore Mendez said...

I LOVE that you've adopted Young Douchey Kirk as the nickname for Young Douchey Kirk!

JK and LT said...

Soon to be abbreviated as YDK.

Anonymous said...

Here's one with the Original Captain.

You know what's even weirder about those people who confuse Shatner with Pine, the fanfics writers, I have read some K/S thinking it was TOS cause Kirk was so Shatner, only to stop midway and look at the info and realizing it was K/S 2009, the same with RPF someone commented on some Pine/Quinto fics that has Pine acting exactly like Shatner.

JK and LT said...

Do your worst, Paramount! (which I assume you're already doing) You! cannot! erase! ... SHHHHHHATNER!