Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Esquire Interviews with Bill

Bill teaches the interviewer about interviewing. And discusses restaurant service.

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And this gem from around 2005. How many different ways can Bill say "It's like making love"?
Sex should be a template for your day. You need to start slow and end completely.

Whether it's drugs or artistry or athletics, all life seeks to re-create that ultimate sexual moment.

I hunger -- my passions are every bit as unbanked as they were when I was thirty-five.
Bonus image from jonk:

Nothing says "I'm a serious art collector" like this oil & Brylcreem on velvet masterpiece.


Frederick said...

The painting might rate low on the class scale, considering it probably hangs out with Elvis, but it really is nicely done.

Fresca said...

"oil and Brylcream" ... and Old Spice!