Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Private Sale: Lot #1, Nimoy zines

Private Sale Shill #1 on MP3

From the great big Box o' Mystery that JK gave to me, we have our first offering.

Three zines grandly titled "Leonard Nimoy Association of Fans Yearbook" are from the late 1970s and chock full of fan insanity: pictures, stories, poems, cartoons, news, and loads and loads of (really good) fan art. It's all about Nimoy, of course, so we're happy to sell these to the Nimoy fans we know are out there.

We've got the years 1976, 1977, and 1978. You can see the same zines on eBay here and here.

They're stapled together with nice glossy covers, and in great condition. (And they've been living in Kitty's house for years with Big Cardboard Kirk).

$20 each. We'll send them by Media Mail and you can pay by PayPal. If you're interested, send us email at lookathisbutt AT gmail dot com.

The 1976 edition has a great article about the con that year in New York. It includes this eye-scorching picture of Bill in a completely over-the-top sheepskin coat.

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