Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Monday, August 16, 2010

Show #132 - Aug 16

Episode 132 on MP3

Apologies for the weird audio stuff in the second half of the show!

Official Communicator app for the iPhone
Bye Bye Kitty pool! When will JK leave California? Leave your answers in the comments!
Bill's Betrayed! interview
The stupid fake picture of Bill
The story of the Mike Nesmith impersonator
We review Bill on Hawaii Five-0, 1972, You Don't Have to Kill to Get Rich But It Helps

Did you know that if you search for "William Shatner" on YouTube, you get 5,260 results?


Anonymous said...

There's a lot of interference indeed. Sounds like a radio transmission from outer space >_<
I agree with you on the German accent. It's not bad. As I am German, I should know.

Margaret said...

That hop is precious.

murt said...

It's interesting that Shat continued to shave his chest even after hairier chests came in style in the 70's. Shat was behind the trend.

JK and LT said...

Murt, you meant Shatner is "above" the trend, right?

Anonymous said...

Let's just put it this way.

Hairier chests were the trend of the 70s.

Shatner is a man for all ages, he never goes out of style, even with those hideous 70s fashion.

Cheryl said...

Put me down for September 8 in the Kitty pool.

murt said...

haha ya sure -- esp. considering that men are waxing absolutely everything now! Shat was ahead of the times!

I have to say though that I'm a fan of hairier chests... Though the Shat looked good bald.