Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Today's topic on KirkChat: KIRK FU

KITTY: Doesn't the photo from Alt Factor look like a big "welcome home, my darling" scene where Kirk just jumped into his arms?
smooch smooch smooch
that can't possibly be an effective fight move
no way

you know, maybe Kirk jumping on people was so that his hard-on could do the fighting

If that's a gun in your pocket, why don't you take it out and shoot me?

he jumps on the guy and it's an immediate sucker-punch to the gut with his dick

but he's in the perfect position to receive a kidney punch!

true. but he has the element of surprise

"My dick is so tough it does my fighting for me"
true - i'd be surprised

the enemy isn't expecting cock-punch (literally)


it's all part of the Kirk fighting technique

Kirk fu

karate chops, flying leg kicks, cock punching


Your thoughts, gentle reader?

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