Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Friday, August 06, 2010

Stump the Butt Girls

JK: O.M.G.
another media conquered
What kind of animal is Scotty supposed to be?
LT: oh jezus
JK: Why does each one have a tribble on his foot?
LT: an ape?
JK: Does left foot vs right foot indicate a sexual preference?
An ape wearing a black mask like painters have?
LT: I just....I don't know.
why does the bear have mismatched eyes?
JK: And one tooth
LT: why are both of spock's eyes on the SAME SIDE OF HIS HEAD
JK: Why is he pigeon-toed?
Are the metal-tipped horns a ref to pointed ears? Looks more klingon
Oh my god, they're VINYL!!!!!!
LT: ew!

And that's how you waste a Friday.

For the answer to these and other questions, go here. If. You. Dare.


Fresca said...

I thought they were kinda cute (except what IS Scotty? the site didn't say), like, if they came free at McDonald's.
But, did you see? they're $50! Each!

Ha--word verif = "curap". Without "u", it's all...

JK and LT said...

I think Scotty is a hippopotamus.

A hippo, a rhino and a bear walk into a bar...

- Kitty

Anonymous said...

It's a gorilla in a red shirt. It would make more sense if it were a random security officer instead of Scotty.

(And by "make sense", I mean it'd be the worst visual pun ever to be released as a vinyl collectible.)


JK and LT said...

LOL, Jemima!

- Kitty

JK and LT said...

$50? For VINYL? Set phasers on sharp.

- Kitty

Frederick said...

There's a line I draw at applying Star Trek to objects just to use the license, and these crossed that line. Epic fail.

Captain Toy said...

It's an evil-space gorilla hell bent on taking over the world! Wait, sorry that sounds like a plot out of DC. Nevermind . . .