Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Another Media Conquered!

Captain Kirk, known now as the Priceline Negotiator still looks as tough as ever.

And you get a bottle of Red Shirt cologne!

Read about it here.


Iddy said...

Smelled all the colognes while at the LV Trek Con. Red shirt smelled better than Tiberius and Pon Farr. Khan smelled the best but it was much stronger. (imagine that ~LOL)

Frederick said...

So you are saying that Khan "is the superior"?

Iddy said...

He would LIKE for me to say that, but I didn't buy it *snicker*

Fresca said...

Gee, I was all set to apply for this VISA card when i saw it's $29 a year. I decided to buy 3 Capt. Kirk hosta plants (featured on LAHB in the spring) instead!