Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Thursday, August 20, 2009

More Trek crap you can waste money on

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Pretty expensive crap! You get two "sculptures" to start for $60, and then another $60 every time they send you more - and they don't say how long they'll send you stuff. But you can cancel at any time! So sign up now! You can always sell them on eBay later! Don't delay! Quantities are limited! Buy more crap NOW!


Julia said...

Wow, this is like the Trek version of the Christmas village. Just what we need: more crap to put on your mantel and spray with fake snow just so the cat can knock it over.

JK and LT said...

Julia, LOL! Now I may have to get some of this crap.


Capn Ho said...

This reminds me of the Star Trek chess set from the Franklin Mint I spent an ridiculous amount of money on years ago. It's sitting in a closet in my house. Occasionally I take it out, look at it and wonder, "What the frak was I thinking?" :-)