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Captain Kirk

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Spend Xmas with Bill!

From Bill's Twitter feed today:



William Shatner has just about done it all. He’s starred on the stage, in movies and on the small screen. In fact, his acting endeavors have earned him Emmys and even a Golden Globe!

He’s also written books, recorded albums and saved a lot of people a lot of money on hotels and airfare. And one of his songs has been turned into a ballet!

This fall, William Shatner will release his first Christmas song, to be included on a compilation released by a new record label (Sounds of Christmas Records).

The song, which was originally recorded almost twenty years ago for L.A. rock radio station KROQ, will help raise money for Shatner’s charity, the Hollywood Charity Horse Show.

The Sounds of Christmas CD with William Shatner’s song will be released in October. The complete track listing for this CD is not yet available.

About the Hollywood Charity Horse Show
Back in the late 1980's, William Shatner first watched an exhibition by children who were so severely handicapped that some of them could not hold their head up, yet there they were going through intricate exercises on the back of a horse!

The program was sponsored by Ahead With Horses, a therapeutic riding group for handicapped children. When the exhibition was over, Shatner was deeply affected by what he had seen. "You can't watch these kids without knowing you have to help, somehow.

In March of 1990, the Hollywood Charity Horse Show was born.

Soon, other charities in need of help were added. These were small, grassroot charities that were doing big-time jobs.

Today, the Hollywood Charity Horse Show is an ongoing event that garners national press coverage, On one special Springtime Saturday afternoon each year, HCHS brings together world-class reining horses and riders in breathtaking slides and spins as they compete for top honors in their respective classes.

Then, as the sun sets, the much-anticipated auction and music show begins. The latter features singers and groups such as Willie Nelson, Brad Paisley, The Ben Folds Five, Lyle Lovett and Randy Travis.

For more information on the Hollywood Charity Horse Show, please visit their website at

Order it now! You know you want it.

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Sean said...

Can't wait! That'll go into my regular Christas mix fer sure!