Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Show #114 - Aug 30

Episode 114 on MP3

Screencaps of Explosive Generation from More Shat Less Shame
The spanking list in a publicity photo, from Frederick - what does it say??
Trek sneakers!
One of our listeners meets Bill!
The Vermont Country Store sells sex toys
Gamesters of Triskelion review
Go Ensign Jana Haines!!
This Ain't Star Trek - Trek porn - thanks, Maynard! (Link NSFW)

Jana Haines: a model for White Uhura?


Frederick said...

Hey, ladies!

Thanks for the mention on the podcast, I enjoyed the discussion about what was on the Padd!

I think it says "Do all the lines that Leonard has in scene three."

He had to up his minimum quota of lines per script in that episode!

Actually, Kirk is adding the Yeoman they're looking at to his black book folder.

Frederick said...

And I never understood the record stories having a white Uhura and black Sulu. Even if they never watched the show, didn't the artist even have any character reference materials to look at?

Maybe it had more to do with available voices for the LPs...

Diana Hunt said...

I think the top line says: Good Morning" then "Do all the..."
We will never know what it is he is going to do *sob*

Di in Australia