Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Show #112 - August 2

Episode 112 on MP3

Gorn cannon on Mythbusters!

Shatnerized movies
Peel and Stick Kirk!
Bill to receive award for Conspicuous Gallantry
Top 10 reasons why Trek is cool
Star-crossed lovers of Trek (no, not K/S)


The captain has arrived. Click to emBIGgen.


Iddy said...

Hell, you'll put your eye out if you enbiggen...

Frederick said...

You want to know someone that rivals Bill in that department? Prepare for a shock you didn't notice as a kid: Guy Williams. On LIS he looks like he's got a Mugato stuffed down his trousers. I never noticed it til my wife gaped at it while I watching the DVD set and shoot! He was packing, and on a kid's show! Now it's all I can see. Tha pain, the pain!

Iddy said...

Hmmmm, and all this time I was busy staring at Major West. HE was the HOT one on that show to my pre-pubescent eyes.

Now, for a round of *in search of..*

Thanks for the "heads up" ;-)