Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Friday, August 14, 2009

Show #113 - August

Episode 113 on MP3

News from around our butts!
Bill's Place
Bill on Conan, reading Palin's poetry
Lene is creeped out by Asimo
Kirk becomes a fanboy stand-in
Bill is always in the news!
More Shatner on LiveJournal!
More on ThinkGeek
New Trek dolls - so, so silly
Josie and the Pussycats in outer space, and a digression about Scooby Doo


my daroga said...

Hi! I've only known about your awesome podcasts for a few weeks, but they're awesome. I can't believe you exist, and now I find out that you know I exist, which is exciting.

I made more_shatner because, as I said and you read, it needed to exist. I think the results bear me out. I wanted to say hi, and thanks for an awesome podcast, and for mentioning us!

Lollius said...


Further to my_daroga's comment above, I spend far too much time daily hanging about on various Bill-related LJ communities, and am also a regular listener, so I was delighted to hear you point to, and read out, our craziness in your podcast. :)

It does sometimes occur to me to wonder whether Bill might end up at more_shatner (or, worse, at shatnoy_rpf) through Googling himself. Because you know he Googles himself. But then I think, well - he'd love it, wouldn't he? Women in their twenties are drooling over him. What's not to love?

Thanks for being awesome.

Diana Hunt said...

Yaaaaay, so glad you found your way to our wonderful community on LJ. We all spread the Shatner love. So glad you are enjoying MSLS, and I am proud to provide the EVE's to this site.

Di in Australia

Anonymous said...

Lene, it sounds like you encountered the Uncanny Valley with Asimo:

There's a point at which something looks *almost* human but not *quite*, and it's natural to be freaked out by it.

Lene Taylor said...

Yes, that's it exactly, Mark! Thanks for identifying the source of my unease. Interesting that people populate different parts of the curve - I wonder what influences that. I don't get creeped out at all by prosthetic limbs.