Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Bill on Jonathan Woss 2006 - Part 2

Ross is such a fan boy. I love it. And Bill shills like never before!

"You have a charm and power..."

Thanks, Jen! And sorry it took so long to get this up!


Iddy said...

I love the 'straight face' look Bill kept giving the host as they talked about All Bran! Bill will never diss a sponsor.

And you're right,Jonathan lost control early on. Thanks for finding and sharing this one.

Alley McNally said...

What? Bill lose control of an interview? YOU ARE OUT OF YOUR MIND??????

Hahaha . . . That will never, ever happen. That is one of the reasons why Bill is such a good interviewer, is because he gets control early on but keeps being fascinated by their story.

And don't worry about not posting this until now. It's from 2006 anyway. Bill has shilled many times since then. Many times . . .