Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Monday, August 17, 2009

Another Media Conquered!

Slot machine!


Read about it here.


Frederick said...

Another thing to take our dwindling Trek money! I wonder if it has Trek sound effects that play.

Attention ladies, check out my latest blog entry on Bill, and look for the link to the hidden photo you will like!

JK and LT said...

Yes, it has Trek sounds. In fact, you're somehow playing an episode so it's got dialog. I don't understand. If I ever encounter one, I wonder if I'll fritter away enough quatloos to figure it out.

- Kitty

drama_librarian said...

I played that! When I went to Reno for my 21st birthday this year! I lost SO much money, but .... it was star trek! I don't have any idea what I was doing, but it has lights and lovely pictures and stuff! Fun!