Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Show #134 - Sept 19

Episode 134 on MP3

Shatner Islands Kittens
10 Questions for Bill in Time magazine
New Trek card games announced - How about the Star Trek Dating Game?
10 Shitty Shatner Movies - must watch!
Gorilla Doing Shatner Impression - from our Margaret?
Fake news about Trek movie
We discuss a strange encounter with Bill

Don't forget the Kitty Pool! She's still in California!


murt said...

Hey - do you both still need the scan of the sketch of Shat from the Stratford book? I finally took the book out of the library and I have the sketch in front of me.

I can't say that Bill looks anything like James Dean in the sketch, but he is still very cute!

JK and LT said...

Yes, we need the sketch! Please!

Marz said...

I'm in pain from nodding so vigorously at your talk of Shat being a Serious Actor and fantastic interviewer. Yes yes yes.
Boy can act, goddamn.
Boy can over-act, too, but that's why we love him.

(I don't remember the source, but someone asked him about "over-acting" once, and he said something along the lines of:

"What is that? What is over-acting? If I do this---" *gestures* "---you get it. If I do this---" *same gesture, way exaggerated* "---now you really get it.")

I so want them to pick the mythological creature question. If they do, there's no way it's getting past him without being about sex.

- "your" Margaret

Cheryl said...

I'm still not seeing the new eps (133 and 134) in iTunes. *grumble* Does anyone have Steve Jobs' phone number?

I feel like I've saved a lot of valuable time by watching the 10 Movies video.

JK and LT said...

Cheryl, I'm not sure why the show isn't showing up for you - I just checked iTunes and I see both of them there. The feed is working! Have you tried turning it off and then back on again? :-)

- Lene

JK and LT said...

Cheryl - I once (almost) hit Steve Jobs with a baked potato. Accidentally. Hope that makes you feel better.

- Kitty

Cheryl said...

I finally found them. They did not have dates, so were sorting below Ep 1 and not automatically updating. All is well.

Kitty - That's awesome.

Karen Lynn O'Brien said...

I guess that Kitty is coming to Chicago on October 1st.

If you need a co-reporter for events in Chicago, let me know! I'd be honored to contribute.