Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Dramatic Reading of BAD Fanfic

Our dear friend Helmboy alerted us to what is commonly acknowledged to be the worst fanfic ever written: it's called My Immortal, and it's Harry Potter fic (sort of). Reading it will break your brain, but you'll be laughing hysterically as it happens. It's filled with weird text speak, LOLcat language, and crazy misspellings, like "Enoby" for "Ebony" (the goth Mary Sue heroine).

The site where it's currently hosted also has a link to a dramatic reading of Chapter 17, posted on YouTube. It's done by a professional voice-over guy and it's unbelievably funny.

Make sure you click through to YouTube and read along. You'll be glad you did.


Captain Toy said...

Truly Epic! Damm I wish I read a terrible fan fic as good as that. Time to take notes . . .

Marz said...

Dumbledore had constipated the cideo camera they took of me naked.
Loopin was masticating to it!

Now that's just disgusting.

(Bill should recite some of these on Late Night, yes?)

JK and LT said...


I just needed to repeat that. I may start saying it instead of "Holy shit!"

- Kitty