Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Show 133 - Sept 4

Episode 133 on MP3

Where No Man... by Marshak and Culbreath
Under the Vulcan Sun - Ming Doyle
The Starfleet "baby creeper"
Bill's pinkie!
14 Things You Didn't Know About Star Trek

Another Shatmoy interview - with Shannon!

Lene's signed copy of the infamous Book.


Shannon said...

Thank you thank you I have a new nephew and I'm going to buy the Captain Kirk onesie. There will be photos sent as soon as he puts it on.

Anonymous said...

Sex Quotes

Dinner with the Sareks

JK and LT said...

Hooray! "Dinner with the Sareks" is the Naughty Pinette picture!

Marz said...

I think I remember Bill mentioning in Up Til Now that he broke a finger while doing a play and didn't have time to let it heal properly.

I'll see if I can find the excerpt - very important that we understand
The History of William Shatner's Wayward Pinky.

JK and LT said...

Margaret - Of course! He broke a finger (maybe the pinky) while rescuing Harold Sakata from real hanging while filming Impulse! How could I have forgotten? Thanks for jogging my memory. Now the question is - was it the pinky??

- Kitty

Iddy said...

I got a "licensed Star Trek Experience" onesie at this year's LV Con for my soon-to-be-born grand-daughter. Mine has the black collar so it's more 'original' ;-) and it was waaay freakin' more expensive :( But the child is worth it! Command GOLD for her--nothing but the best--she will be leading the daycare redshirts to uncharted playrooms...

Frederick said...

Doesn't mention the finger, but here is an article about the hanging incident:

Marz said...

Oh yeah - it was Impulse!

In that case, the question becomes:
did Kirk's pinky have the springy attribute?

If so, then we must search elsewhere for the cause. Maybe he was just born with this adorable freak-pinky.

I browse the screencaps on TrekCore fairly often, so I'll keep an eye out.

Captain Toy said...

My god that book is awesome! Thanks for letting me know of it's existence.

To be honest, since it is so unloved and has no "Look inside" function, I may have never purchased it even if I did know of it. Now, I know how cool it is and I so want it!

I have ordered cheap from Amazon and I can't wait to crack it open and read all the references to sex!

Cheryl said...

Coming soon to iTunes, please?

Captain Toy said...

BTW I got the book today! I can't wait to read all the Shatner Goodness inside!

But now that I have it in person now, I realized that my Dad must have had this at some point. He had a large collection of Star Trek Books that he recently downsized. I think this book was part of it. Why did I pass up the Shatner goodness?