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Captain Kirk

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Bill - The Early Years

Found this on the blog, Anglo Cat on the Prowl.

[W]ritten up in a little-known work by that magus of Canada, Roberston Davies, in Twice Have The Trumpets Sounded, the second of Davies' accounts of the early years of the [Stratford] Festival, co-authored by Davies with Guthrie, lavishly illustrated by Grant McDonald. ... [H]ere is Davies on Shatner in The Taming of the Shrew:
Lucentio, the suitor of Bianca, is not ordinarily consdered a comic role, except in the classic sense that all lovers who do not die are figures of High Comedy. But William Shatner brought some of the gifts of the vaudevillian comedian to the part; his self-assured and somewhat brassy delivery of his first speech was itself a pleasant bit of comedy, and all through the play he gave a dimension of comedy to a character which can very easily be a romantic bore. In the company of players who performed The Shrew at the Lord's bidding, his rank was obviously that of First Light Comedian rather than First Walking Gentleman.

(Twice Have The Trumpets Sounded, at p. 50).

High praise from Davies, whose critical faculties were razor-sharp. The sketch of Shatner in role on page 51 is very reminsicent of a James Dean in his prime--and, a bit oddly, of a picture I've seen of my own father as a young man).

I'm dying to see this sketch!


murt said...

just looked up this book, and my local library has it! (I'm in Canada.) I'll check out the book and scan the sketch.

Frederick said...

Have you girls seen this yet?

JK and LT said...

Yay, Murt!

JK and LT said...

Frederick - That's known as the Page Down picture. :-) Thanks.