Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Friday, March 03, 2006

Show #32 - March 3

Episode 32 on MP3

Shatner on A&E Biography - all new!
Enterprise Incidents from 1984 - Spotlight on William Shatner
We review Mark of Gideon, a third season ep: bad hairdos, spooky scenes, sex in Sickbay, and accents
Shatner in the Globe (boo, hiss)
And the return of Marjorie Kirk, mother of the Captain

Look at his belly!

Look at how young and pretty!
And already with the charm and hotness!


Unknown said...

Actually guys the band i used for your intro is my fathers favorite Salsa band "El Gran Combo". I knew i would learn something from growing up surrounded by corny spanish music ;)

I almost coughed at the end there could you tell?

Kirk es el mas macho de el mundo, y tiene un culito bien apretado!

I have lost all masculinity in the latino world with that last comment :P

JK and LT said...

Perhaps but you've gained HUGE cred with the Butt Girls!

Peter said...

"Take Cinco"


K said...

Trekkies introduced me to fan fic, & particularily K/S slash. That one little part by the anonymous author about a "relationship" set me googling.

I found ASCEM & others & am now a Kirk/Spock & Shatner junkie.

JK and LT said...

Muchas gracias, Peter! (Soon I'll have exhausted what little I remember from high school Spanish.)

Hi k! Glad to hear from another Shatner junkie. To quote a recent Boston Legal episode, do you snort or take it in the arm? ;-D


Anonymous said...

Ladies, those pics are amazing! I do believe the man simply began life being adorable and never learned how to quit. BTW, love your high-tech method of capturing said pics--it's just about my speed. ;-)

And is it just me, or does Denny Crane say "You're fired!" with ever so much more flair than you-know-who?

JK and LT said...

Hi Trekskitten -

That's Bill - lifelong charm and hotness!

Denny Crane says *everything* with more flair than you-know-who.

Lene's working on gadgetry that will enabled actual screencaps from video and then my photography -ahem- skills will no longer be needed. Sob.


Anonymous said...

Glad Captain Kirk's momma could make it back on the show. Her insights into Kirk's upbringing and personality are almost as entertaining as her accent.

Look at His Butt rocks my world! Keep it up.

JK and LT said...

Hi Christopher -

When we told Marjorie that "Twisted Christopher" had commented on her interview, she looked a little worried. But after she heard what you said, she said you sounded like "a fine young fella, a good boy, just like my Jimmy, doncha know." Then she added, "I swan, I just don't know what to think when people say I have an accent. I sound just like everybody else I know. Maybe he should clean out his ears."


Anonymous said...

JK & LT,

I just wanted to say you guys make my day whenever I listen to one of your podcasts. I'm a Shatner fan since 1966 (when the series first hit!) I mostly listen to tech podcasts--but my main "laugh, grin, and chortle" podcast is yours! Don't ever stop! --Karen

Anonymous said...

One more thing....

Check out Bill on Matchgame down a bit...


JK and LT said...

Oooh, Karen, thanks for the Match Game pointer. Ah, the 70s...


rcairo said...

So should we surmise that Kirk would shave all the hair off his chest with his phaser set on SMOOTH? Or was Spock as good with a razor as he was with a tricorder?