Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Friday, March 10, 2006

Show #33 - March 10

Episode 33 on MP3

Shatner says "Look At This Butt!" (video clip is here)
More Comatose Captain (from Ed) - and the Earth Calendar to help the rest of you out
Another Shatner sighting, hunting bear?
Ashes in space
Make Love the William Shatner Way (and here's the clip from Big Bad Mama)
Two episodes of Boston Legal - and Denny Crane gets married!
Bad fanfic for your snarking pleasure
William Shatner: SuperIntense Hunk! Fighting crime with the powers of Charm and Hotness!
And a Spanish closing from David Arroyo

The Chair from Boston Legal?

This is just to convince you that you need to watch the clip. In slow motion.


Unknown said...

Ahhh i got my fix. It feels so good...

But on the serious side you guys should do bad fan fic more often. I was cracking up in the car to you two goofing off on such a horrible story! Thank you after a hard day at work, look at his butt is the best way to relax.

Anonymous said...

Good show but not one mention of "How William Shatner Changed The World" this weekend on the Discovery Channel?

Discovery Channel

Trishymouse said...

Pretty, pretty please post the clip so I can see what I'm missing...?!

Trishymouse said...

I found clip but...I can only hear it, I can't see it! :(

JK and LT said...

Hi Trish -

I have the same problem with some clips. I finally gave up on QuickTime and downloaded VLC which seems to play just about anything.


JK and LT said...

Hiya Croyd -

DOH! Bill is just doing so! much! that we can't cover it all! We'll talk about it on an upcoming show.