Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Show #31 - Feb 22

Episode 31 on MP3

A promo from the Australian Trouble With Tribbles
Boston Legal summaries
The NY Times writes about Boston Legal
We're going to Shatner weekend!
Vibrators for men and a few lessons on the use of the Nitro
Men's Pleasure Wand
Fun stuff from Blowfish
Guess what's the top USB gadget? Get it at Condom Country in Australia!
Interesting and weird animal dildos
Look at his butt - multilingual!
Bill does Once Upon a Chair in Canada
And he guest conducts for Pops By the Sea
Star Trek bumperstickers
And more additions to the Wake the Comatose Captain list!

Click here for the long version of Maynard's interview with the good folks at Unseen Theatre

Bill filming Incubus - ooh la la!


Dave said...

I think the australian guy who did Shatner sounded more like Mr.Movie Phone at times than Shatner. Frankly the guy who did the best imitation of Shatner was Frank Caliendo of Mad TV fame.

JK and LT said...

Mr. Movie Phone! LOL! And his lovely wife, Camera Phone.

On first listen, I thought he (Kirk actor) sounded like Spock.


Cairo said...

I don't know. Kevin Pollak does a pretty mean Shatner. Then again, Shatner does a pretty mean Shatner. In a sense, part of the role he plays on Boston Legal is a parody of himself not as Kirk per se but as an actor. You think Nimoy sometimes, when he's tired or bored or at a bris, does Shatner impressions for his grandkids?

JK and LT said...

Nimoy commented once on Shatner directing ST V, said something like, "When Bill directs, he talks really fast. And Bill Shatner talking too fast is frightening." So obviously he's done his homework. /snerk/


Babs Bunny said...

Just discovered the Podcast. Just when I've seen it all in fandom! Interesting!:)

Can't wait until the next installment! *tailwags*

Cairo said...

I want to get a car now just so I can get those bumper stickers! Or should I just stick them on my bum. And by that I mean my butt, not my roommate Wally.

Anonymous said...

"Cooter" alert!! In the first post on this page !! Of course, I thought of you...

Kate in Istanbul

Cairo said...

Who put the Pleasure Wand in the quadrotriticale?