Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Show #35 - March 28

Episode 35 on MP3

News From Around His Butt!
Denny and Alan, sittin' in a tree
Putting the Fans to Work - FanLib goes live and a rather extended discussion about the nature of fanfiction
The mystery of TrekPassions
Boston Legal reviews; Alan loves Shirley, and Denny gets to lead a case
Sex toys via our man in NZ, Greg Gray, and "Look At His Butt Bucks"
"Look At His Butt" in Elvish! (courtesy of David and Charlie from Comic Makers)

Shatner with fans at Vulkon 2004. Sent in by one of our furry listeners (here as Moneypenny the cat)

Shatner looking all buttly. (Thanks, Julia!)


Babs Bunny said...

Yayyy!! There I be!:) I'll have to show you the sequel to the pic with Jonathan Frakes!

BTW, how come you guys don't post your podcasts on Odeo anymore? Going there to get my weekly fix was really handy!:)

Banjoman said...

Great show, although you probably won't find me on TrekPassions any time soon. Checking it (and some other links) out did lead to some serious goofing off. Anyway, I came across this image after taking some goofy quiz. It came with this caption:
"You are Kirk. Yours is the superior intellect. You're Starfleet's finest and you're the best captian- don't let anyone tell you different."

I suppose the image suggests what he might do to someone who tells him different, or perhaps he is just waiting for Spock to come home for dinner. Naturally(?) I thought of you, even though there is no butt (sorry).

Dave said...

Glad you guys like the promo, Charlie is still embaressed, but we would do anything to make you girls laugh, its quite sad really....