Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Friday, March 10, 2006

EVE in Mark of Gideon! YES!

Through the magic of technology, we bring you Kirk's EVE, courtesy of Julia! WOO HOO!


Babs Bunny said...

DANG those were some tight pants! O.O

Dave said...

I need my look at his butt fix man! Please im going through withdrawl here man! Just one 10 minute episode man! Something to get me by!


Frosty Snowbro said...

Dang, what I did I miss? I don't get it.

JK and LT said...

hey Frosty -

You may have to adjust the contrast and/or brightness on your monitor. Or if you're on a laptop, change the screen angle.


Cairo said...

Is the episode "Cameltoes on the Edge of Friday Night"? Season Three?