Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Monday, March 20, 2006

Show #34 - March 20

Episode 34 on MP3

Talk Show Bill on Craig Ferguson (and what it might be like to go to lunch with him)
Jim Kirk is on MySpace!
Did Kirk really bang all those women? Why there are deniers (and a really weird list)
Seven Stages of Shatner (at Maisonneuve mag - you need to register to read it)
Shatner at the Toyota Pro Celebrity Races
Smutty comics - threat or menace? Smutty TOS comics - do they even exist?
Some really bad art by your two hosts
And the story of Naughty Pinette!

Kirk goes up for auction on eBay. Looks kinda dusty.


Dave said...

Burn the Imortal DVD its probably the worst movie i have ever seen. Its actually a dogma film and personally i hate dogma. The dogma film style is essentially this euro weird filmaking in which you make a film that makes no sense whatsoever so you can claim its art but really your wasting time, money and film.

Imortal was he first sci-fi dogma film. Some actors are animated, some are real actors, some are actors with prostetics. The story doesnt make much sense plus there is a constant rape of the blue girl character which made me pretty uncofterble because it almost seemed like they were implying that she enjoyed the rape on some level which ....ech! just avoid guys. Trust me thats two hours of my life i wish i could get back.


Cheryl said...

Random Shatner sighting:

Anonymous said...

Those are great drawings! Cracked me up!


Bruce L. Stewart said...

You are both mostly *dead-on* descriptive and funny. I loved JK's "weapons grade flirting" note here. I do find you both often use "mind-boggling," to describe the Shatner. Is it always meant in a positive way? I am sometimes dubious of folks who overuse "interesting" - as there's no value judgement, and the comment could go either way. Mind-boggling good? Mind-boggling bad? Or a special, separate mind-boggling Kirk?