Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Happy Birthday Bill! 3/22

Big birthday wishes from the Butt Girls to our Hero, Superintense Hunk, with his powers of Charm and Hotness!

A great picture of Jonathan Frak-- oh wait, it's Bill.


rcairo said...

On the Captain’s Birthday

Don’t feel old--feel young!
as when the world was new
feel young! not old,
fortune favors the bald--BOLD!
Happy birthday, Shatner, to you!

Full speed, at warp ten!
Live long and oh hey prosper
Go warp ten, full speed!
The best Star butt indeed
Happy birthday, Shatner, to you!

Trishymouse said...

If you guys haven't caught James Lilek's podcast DINER, you should this week - it's entitled SHATNERMAS, and it's all about William Shatner...

Trishymouse said...

Here's the link to The Diner podcast, which I forgot to share last comment...

JK and LT said...

I love James Lileks of "Regrettable Food" fame but had never gotten around to his podcast. I'll say this - he sure don't make it easy. To listen at that link, you have to have QuickTime 7 so I had to go to iTunes and click through several links to be able to choose that episode (but that's Apple's fault, not Lileks's). Anyway will listen tonight - THANKS for the heads up!