Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Friday, March 19, 2010

Show #124 - March 19

Episode 124 on MP3

Email from YOU, the listeners!
Lots of stuff from Saito (we'll keep blogging it!)
Goatees are evil
Bill and cigarettes
Beat the Clock! And commentary by Shatner's Toupee
Can anyone find Perilous Voyage?
Bill and Marcy's Honeymoon heaven, via Frederick
Check out birdofthegalaxy's images on Flickr
We *really* enjoy Bill in 12 O'Clock High (1965)


Anonymous said...

Just in case anybody wants to see the glorious shot in 12 O'Clock High you are referring to *_*

JK and LT said...

Not having listened to the show yet, I'd forgotten what "glorious shot" we were awed by, so I click the link and ... oh, this is going to be such a GOOD DAY!!!!


Ddraig Goch said...

OMG, the hair! Make it go away! And the clothes, the high water pants! Yow.

Anonymous said...

lol I'm a girl, though yeah that's a boy's name.
"What's My Line" is unbelievable! it's my favorite Contester!Shatner video, actually my most prized video ever!
And nope, I didn't think you got the name of the blog from the sketch, since I knew of the blog first!
I made more recent posts since that email, so if you're interested check under zainin666, the latest of which being a post with this album I do believe there are rare pictures in there, check out the ones with the belly dancer ;) oh and I'm gonna update the album soon.
I'm glad you guys enjoyed the email, it's been so long since I sent it, that I thought my stuff were old news already lol

Sean Dicken said...

Bill's got an admirable rug in this clip. The 70s weren't too kind to our hero.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Lene, Bill did look sad in those "Tattler" photos. I'm thinking it was Marcy's idea and Bill went along with it.

Captain Toy said...

I have to say, Bill didn't take losing very well - even when he was performing. He lets it go for a second before the performer takes over again. Aww poor Bill . . .

Marz said...

I love your hypothetical questions!

"Do you think Bill can juggle?"

And the frozen Turkey arc....I can see it in my minds eye.