Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Call us!

As you know, when you can't travel to spend a Major Holiday with your loved ones, it's traditional to call in during the celebration.

Shatmoy = Major Holiday, therefore ... well, you do the math.

That's right! If you want to be part of the podcast that will be recorded during the Shatmoy party on Saturday, March 27 (more info here), let us know by adding a comment to this blog entry, a note at the Event page, or email

Details later but you'll probably need to download Skype (it's free!)


Captain Toy said...

Well, y'know what I want! I already have skype and I can fire it up whenever you want me to. Just say the word!

Anonymous said...

If I knew I wouldn't sound like an idiot, I'd do it. :-) Wish I could be there in person and can't wait to hear the show.

Diana Hunt said...

Okay, so I've downloaded Skype, now what do I do. If you want an Aussie saying "Look at His Butt" there's Maynard or there's me...LOL

Di in Australia