Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Friday, March 05, 2010 - What Has Bill Wrought?

I don't understand what this is, but Bill's calling himself the Admiral! And there's a picture of Kirk on the home page.

Welcome Citizens of the Myouterspace United Planets.

The Counsel is now interviewing Industry Credited Producers for Starship Captain Positions.

Starship Captains’ and Officers’ responsibilities will be creating an original entertainment project, whether it be a live action film, animation, or stage production; and recruiting talent from the various Planets to become Starship Crew Members, who will be working alongside the Captain on his/her project.

The Starship Crew, under the Captain’s leadership, must prepare a fully developed presentation of the Ship’s project, complete with Art, Graphic Design, Characters, Story, Director and Music. The Captain will become Executive Producer, Officers will be Co-Producers, and the Crew will work on the project as Associate Producers.

Creative Talent, be sure to register on the planet that hosts your specialty, and you may be selected by a Captain to join his/her Starship Crew.

Visitors won't be able to participate on a Starship unless they become a citizen of a United Planet. I will be monitoring all Starship projects, and reviewing each Captain's Log, where progress will be recorded each step of the way.

The Captains will seek out new talent on the various Planets and build a winning team.

There are six Starships ready to crew-up and develop a dynamic entertainment production, so register now, participate and keep your eyes to the stars,

William Shatner

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