Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Bill & Leonard on horses

Ignore the fact that this video "stars" the stupid DJ named Mancow. Just focus on Bill.

Things to note:

1. Bill was a lot thinner
2. He actually ran out into the middle of the arena! Ran! I don't think he could do that now.
3. Leonard looks pretty good on a horse
4. Liz looks FABULOUS! Love her vest!
5. Bill has a horrible shirt (as are most of his shirts)
6. Bill is ever so professional in the face of Mancow, who should be a rodeo clown.

Can anyone tell us what year this was?


Iddy said...

Per Nimoy's page it was 2003. Mancow adores Bill so he can't be all bad. He was nice the year I met him at the silent auction. Liz is always gorgeous.

tttttttttttt said...

Nah I don't think he was that much thinner -- his weight keeps fluctuating up & down and I think the Olympics were just at an up point. He had definitely lost weight in the very late 90's/early 2000's though.

Plus I still think he could run out into the arena now!! If he's fit enough to ride a harley & his horses still, then I think he's able to jog a few feet.

Anonymous said...

Aren't ya supposed to drop the reins and let the horse do the work? I'm pretty sure that's how it's supposed to to work. LOL, maybe he did in footage NOT shown in this video.

Still, it looks like Bill is trying to control the show. Which he would never, ever, try to do . . .

Marz said...

Now I have this lovely vision in my head of Leonard and Bill riding horses together. "I wish I knew how to quit you", much?

And may I say: he makes those jeans sing.