Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

This just in...

In case you hadn't heard, Bill made a quick trip to the hospital for a bad back (no doubt injured while "attending to" a lovely female co-star). Don't worry, he's fine. Gregory Gray thinks he has the real scoop. We have alibis.

Click for the larger version so you can read the hilarious text.


Anonymous said...

Just a note to let you know that you are being thoroughy enjoyed here in Istanbul, Turkey. I listen to you in my car as I drive twice a week from my house in a village on the Bosphorus to a school in another village on the Black Sea coast, 50 minutes away-- the perfect distance for your podcasts. I'm a 42 year old transplanted Oregonian woman, here for the love of it. Keep up the excellent work!


cheesemeister said...

Hey, my father and Mr. Shatner have something in common. My dad (who I've been told looks like Charlton Heston) had back surgery yesterday morning and is recovering very well. I'll have to tell him he's in good company!
So--have you been watching Boston Legal?